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Editor’s Note:
We shall try to make this Blog more interesting and a little lighter by including short stories from the past that might have lessons for us today.

Most people believe that age or seniority is of paramount importance in Indian society. That is certainly so today. You see it in just about every aspect of Indian academic, governmental sectors and even in India’s private sector. The Wall Street Journal India Edition featured an opinion article on this topic called The Tyranny of the Batch. The story below demonstrates that age was not always considered to be main factor for determining seniority.

Angiras or अंगिरस was a great Vedic sage. Because of his reputation, large numbers of students used to throng to his Ashram. Among them was a young student named Shishu (literally The Kid). Shishu proved to be a great student and became famous in no time. Since he knew more than his teachers, he began calling his seniors and even his teachers as “kids“. This was considered intolerable behavior and the teachers went to the Gods to demand justice. Guess what the Gods said after hearing both sides:
न तेनं वृधो भवति येनास्य पलितं शिरः

(One is not considered old just because one’s head is bald)
यो वै युवा अपि अधीयानः तम देवाः स्थविरं विदुहू
(One who is learned even though he may be young, him the Gods term as Senior)

How we wish this judgement is carved in every classroom, every governmental office and in every private sector company!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. Growing up we were exposed to such valuable yet simple teachings and learnt from them whether we liked them or not. It is a great idea to start something similar for the younger generation.

  2. Very Good Thought should trickle to young generation, but with note that Vidya Vinayen Shobhate when it comes to impart knowledge to Seniors or even Guru. calling his seniors and even his teachers as “kids”. calling seniors and even his teachers as “kids will still be intolerable.

  3. Though It is true to large extent you can not make it universal rule (or Law).Experience and maturity is important in making cruical decisions , Take the case Plane landing or use of Nuclear Weapons .If it isgiven in hands of smart and impatient person. U know what will happen.

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