An Invocation for all Indians on Independence Day

In celebration of India’s independence day, we present below the last hymn of the Rg-Ved. This is an exalted clarion call for all humanity but today it will suffice if all Indians follow it.

           संगशद्व्हम  सम्वधध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानताम 
           Assemble, Speak as with one voice, let your minds be of one accord
           देवा भागम यथा पूर्वे संजानाना उपासते 
           As Ancient Gods unanimous sit down to their appointed share

           समानो मंत्रः समिति: समानी समानं मन: सह चितमेशाम
           The place is common, common the assembly, common is the mind, so be their thoughts united
           समानं मंत्रम  अभिमंत्रये  वः समानेन वो हविषा जुहोमि
           A common purpose do I lay before you, and worship with your general oblation

           समानी व आकूति: समाना ह्रुदयानी वः
           One and the same be your resolve and be your hearts of one accord,
           समानं अस्तु वो मनो यथाः वः सुसहासति
           United to the thoughts of all that all may happily agree
                                                             Rg-Ved, X.191.2-4

This is an invocation to create a brotherhood in thought, assembly, purpose and hearts of all who agree. It can apply to a small group, a society, a country or to all humankind.

As we said earlier, it would be wonderful if all Indians apply it to themselves at least for Independence Day.

Editor’s PS; Vedic Samskrut is different and more difficult than the poetic Samskrut of the revival period that began in the 3 rd century CE. So transliteration that works for more modern Samskrut does not work so well for Vedic Samskrut. We regret the slight modifications in the above transliteration.

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