सुभाषितम or Su-Bhaashitam – 2

This week, we heard about the alleged match fixing story about Pakistani Cricketers in London. This alleged tale reminded us of a Su-Bhaashitam. 

           को न याति वशं लोके मुखे पिन्द्ड़ेन पूरितः
           Ko Na Yaati Vasham Loke Mukhe Pindena Puritaha
           Who does not come around (to our side/control) once the mouth is fed

           मृदुन्गः अपि  मुख लेपेन करोति  मधुरधव्निम
           Mrudanga Api Mukha Lepen Karoti Madhur Dhvanim
           Mrudunga also delivers a lovely sound once the mouth (exterior) is powdered

This reflects a sad but eternal truth.

Since this Su-Bhaashitam did not need much elaboration, we thought to end this article with another praise of the genre of Su-Bhaashitam. This praise itself ends up being a Su-Bhaashitam.

           पृथ्वियाम त्रीणि रत्नानी जलं अन्नं सुभाषितम
           Prithiyuam treeni Ratnani Jalam Annam Su-Bhaashitam
           This earth has Three Jewels – Water, Food and Su-Bhaashitam

           मूढः पाषाण खंदेशु रत्न सद्न्या विधीयते
           Mudhah Pashan Khandeshu Ratna Sadnyaa Vidhiyate
           The Idiots bestow upon pieces of stone the title of Jewel

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