A Story from the Past – 12 – Jayadev & Geet Govind

The story of Shree Krishna has mesmerized people for over 3,000 years. Our articles about Bhagwat Geeta show us one great aspect of Bhagwan Shree Krishna. The Bhagwat Geeta literally means the Song of God.

Today, we bring you another Song of God, this time an exquisitely beautiful poem by Poet Jayadev who lived in today’s Orissa around 1200 CE.  This work called गीत गोविन्द or Geet Govind has been sung in the Jagannaath Temple at Puri since its creation. It also became one of the most popular works in India within a short time of its creation. 

Geet Govind was first translated into English by Wilson Jones in 1792. Considered as one of the finest examples of Samskrut poetry, it has been translated into many languages throughout the world.

Perhaps, the easiest way to bring you the magic of Geet Govind is to include the two clips below. Listen to these and become engrossed in the divine love of Shree Krishna & Radha. The voice is of Sangeeta Mohapatra.

We owe our sincere gratitude to Kishoriray for putting these wonderful clips on YouTube.
If you like the clips, you should visit the Kangra Paintings site of Geet Govind . The paintings on this lovely site include the original verses with English translation. A more detailed description of Geet Govind can be found at Translating Jayadeva.

The story of Jayadev and his wife Padmavati is itself a beautiful tale. But that is for another day. 

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