सुभाषितम or Su-Bhaashitam – 3

We resume our series of Su-Bhaashitam with a message appropriate for the Deepavali festival.  Deepavali is a celebration of the victory of Good over Evil. There are two ways to cure Evil as we have seen. One is the way of Saints by curing the evil nature that resides in people. The second is the way of the Karma-Yogi, the Warrior who annihilates the Evil.

Friday saw the break up of a terrorist plot to kill innocent people in Chicago. Fortunately with the help of Saudi Intelligence and the dedicated efforts of global ant-terrorism agencies, this Evil Act was stopped. As today’s great apostle of Non-Violence, the Dalai Lama, has declared Al-Qaeda has to be annihilated. We leave that to the competent authorities.

Today, we focus on the first, the path shown by Sant Dnyaneshwar . Here the Su-Bhaashit-kaar describes the positive influence of saints on evil people just by their company and presence. It is said that just spending a day with Mahaatma Gandhi would change the bad nature of goondas and thugs. The Su-Bhaashit below explains how with an example;

            सत्संगात भवति हि साधुता खलानां
            Sat-Sangaat Bhavati hi Saadhutaa Khalaanaam
            Because of company of Saints, evil people get some saintly characteristics

            साधुनाम नहिं खल-संगमात खलतवं
            Sadhunaam nahim Khal-Sangamaat Khalatvam
            The Saints don’t get any evil elements from company of evil people
            आमोदम कुसुमभवं मृदेव  धत्ते
            Aamodam Kusum Bhavam Mrudev Dhatte
            The mud gets the fragrance of the flower

            मृद-गंधं न हि कुसुमानि धारयन्ति
            Mrud-Gandham na hi Kusumaani Dhaar-yanti
            The flowers do not wear the scent of mud

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