A Eternal Prayer for the New Year and Forever

Eternal Dharma has been enormously enriched by the great words and exquisite poetry of its Saints, Poets and Bhakt. These works inspire us to devotion and to seek a union with the Param-Atma. In the past, we have included the ancient Samskrut prayers such as Ganesh Atharva-Sheersham , Mantra-Pushpanjali and the Pasaydan of Sant Dnyaaneshwar .

Today, we include a simple statement by a Bhakt that “one who prays to Hari is the one who reaches the param-pad or the eternal state”. It is a pure expression of Bhakti Ras of Eternal Dharma.

This composition in Raag Bhairavi is sung by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi. From what we know, this Bhajan was composed by his Guru Sawai Gandharva or Rambhau Kundagaonkar. The love for his Guru and Bhakti towards Hari is deeply felt and expressed by Pandit Bhimsen. 

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