Best Wishes for Ram Navmi, 2011 – Listen to Ram Raksha

Tomorrow, April 12, 2011, is Ram Navmi, the festival that marks the birth of Bhagwan Shree Ram. We thought we would celebrate it by bringing the great poem Ram Raksha to our Readers. This was composed by a saint named Budha Koushik.

It is a wonderful poem. Devotees believe that reciting Ram Raksha protects people, gets rid of problems and brings शांति (Shanti) to the reciters.

We used to recite the Ram Raksha in the evening in our high school days. So bringing this beautiful poem to Readers gives us great pleasure.

The first YouTube clip shows both the Samskrut text and a basic English translation.

The second clip provides an easy to read Samskrut text in DevNagari script.

Our Very Best wishes to Readers for this year’s Ram Navmi. May Shree Ram bring स्वस्ति (Swasti) to you.

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