Reflections on the Bhagwat Geeta – Chapter XVIII – Conclusion

After summarizing the philosophical discussion of the earlier Chapters in Chapter 18, Shree Krishna delivers a conclusive instruction to Arjun:

  • Chapter 18, Verse 66Renounce all religions (सर्व-धर्मान परित्यज), Surrender to Me alone (माम एकं शरणम व्रज). I shall grant you Moksha from all sins (अहम् त्वां सर्व-पापेभ्यो मोक्ष अयिश्यामी). Do not be grieve (मा शुचः).
Remember the teachings of Shree Krishna began with with Arjun’s request:

  • Chapter 2, Verse 7, Line 2Whatever is the right (path) (यत श्रेयः अस्यात), Please instruct me unequivocally (निश्चितं ब्रूहि तत में) ; I am your disciple (शिष्यः ते अहम्) , Teach me, I beseech you (शाधि माँ त्वां प्रपनं).
So in Verse 72 of Chapter 18, Shree Krishna asks Arjun whether he received the answer he was looking for:

  • Chapter 18, Verse 72O Son of Prutha (Kunti), did you listen to this (the teachings) (एतत श्रुतं ) with concentration (एकाग्रेण चेतसा? O Arjun, Has your (ते)  ignorance-based confusion (अ-ज्ञान संमोहः) ended (प्रणष्ठ  ?
How does Arjun answer?

  • Chapter 18, Verse 73Gone is my confusion (नष्टो मोहः) ; I have regained my consciousness (or memory) (स्मृतिर लब्धा); due to your benediction to me (त्वत प्रसादां मया);  I have become free of doubt (स्थिथ अस्मि गतसंदेहः); I will do what you say (करिय्षे वचनं तव) .
With this answer, Arjun rose up ready to do battle in that great War called Mahaa-Bhaarat (महा-भारत).

Message from Shree Krishna to all of us

Before Shree Krishna asked Arjun the question in Verse 72, he essentially gave a message to all of us:

  • Chapter 18, Verse 70Who studies this Dharma Conversation (धर्म्यं संवादम) between Us, I will consider that he has worshiped me with (ज्ञानयज्ञ ) (knowledge-based approach).
  • Chapter 18, Verse 71The man (यो नरः) who listens to this with Shraddha (श्रद्धावान अननसुयहः श्रुनुयात), he will be free (सः मुक्तः) and reach the higher world (शुभान लोकान)  that the people with virtuous deeds (पुण्य-कर्मणाम) get (प्राप्नुयात).

The Deep Joy & Wonderment of Sanjay

Recall that the great Sage Vyaas gave Sanjay, the aide of King Dhrut-Raashtra the celestial capability to view and hear all the events of the Mahaa-Bhaarat War in Kuru-Kshetra from the royal palace in the capital Hastinaapur.

After the end of the conversation between Shree Krishna and Arjun, Sanjay expressed his deep joy and wonderment to King Dhrut-Rashtra. This joy is told by Sanjay in the final 5 verses of Chapter 18.

  • Chapter 18, Verse 74I have just heard this divine (अद्भुतम) conversation (संवादम इमं)  between Vaasudev (वासुदेव)  and Arjun that (fills me with wonderment) (रोम-हर्शनम) .

  • Chapter 18, Verse 75Due to the benediction of Vyaas (व्यास प्रसादात) , I heard this ultimate Yog knowledge (गुह्यं परम योगम)  as it was told (कथयतः) by Shree Krishna, the God of Yog (योगेश्वरात कृष्णात) himself (साक्षात्).
  • Chapter 18, Verse 76O King (Dhrut-Rashtra) (राजन) , as I remember and remember (संस्मृत्य संस्मृत्य) this divine conversation (इमं अद्भुतम संवादम) between Keshav & Arjun, joy fills me again and again (ह्रुश्यामी च पुनः पुनः)  .
  • Chapter 18, Verse 77As I remember and remember (संस्मृत्य संस्मृत्य) that divine form of God (रूपं अद्भुतम हरे:), I am greatly amazed (विस्मयः में महान) and joy fills me again and again(ह्रुश्यामी च पुनः पुनः), O King.

Then Sanjay concludes his recital with a prediction to King Dhrut-Raashtra:

  • Chapter 18, Verse 78Where Krishna, the Ishwar (God) of Yog, is (यत्र योग-ईश्वरः कृष्णः), Where the great Archer Arjun is (यत्र पार्थः धनुर्धरः) , there (तत्र) the blessed Victory (श्री विजयः) will certainly be (धृत्वा  भूतिर), that is my opinion (मतिर मम).  

Thus Endeth Chapter XVIII named Moksha-Samnyaas-Yog (मोक्ष-संन्यास योग) of Shree Bhagwat Geeta, of the Upa-Nisad (उप-निसदत्सु) , of the Yog-Shaastra (योग शास्त्र) of Brahma-Vidyaa (ब्रह्म विद्या), of the dialog (संवाद) between Shree Krishna & Arjun.

Editor’s Note: We began our reflections on the Bhagwat Geeta seven months ago on September 4, 2010. Every week, we studied one Chapter in Samskrut and reflected on it. Then we wrote our reflections on this Blog. It has been enormously satisfying and joyous. It has been a great privilege to read and reflect on this divine conversation between Shree Krishna and Arjun. We are deeply thankful to our Readers for staying with us in this endeavor. Based on the increased readership, we believe that this series has been accepted by the Readers.

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