Krishna of Bhaagwat Dharma – Sant Meerabai

For the past several months, we studied the Shree Krishna of the Bhagwat Geeta, the Guru, the Teacher and the Avataar of God.  In our next article, we shall discuss the Krishna of Mahaa-Bhaarat. But we cannot go there without remembering the roop of Krishna that has mesmerized people for thousands of years.

It is the roop that was first described in the Bhaagwat Puraan. It is the Bal Krishna of Yashoda and Nand. It is the Krishna who is the Gopaal and Govind of his flock. It is the Krishna with the flute that had captivated us for all these centuries, the Krishna of Radha. 

In our Story from the Past -12, we featured the Geet Govind of Jaidev, that Samskrut composition considered as among finest examples of Samskrut poetry.

Today we present Shree Krishna of a more modern Radha, the great Sant Meerabai from Rajasthan. Born in a royal Rajput family, Meerabai surrendered herself to Krishna. Rejecting her rich royal life, Meerabai left the Fort of her husband to devote herself to Krishna-Bhakti..

Radha got her Krishna. That is why Geet Govind is so full of joy, so complete with bliss. Meerabai never got her Krishna, she kept searching for him, waiting for him. This is why Meerabai’s poetry is so full of longing. If you want to experience her longing, listen to the clip below:

This is from the Chala Vahi Des album by Lata Mangeshkar. Like so many great singers that have sung the poetry of Meerabai, Lata Mangeshkar teamed up with her brother to offer her music to Meerabai’s words. The result is स्वर-स्वर्ग,  Swar-Svarg or Heavenly Music.

Below is another favorite of ours, a composition that shows the true surrender of a Bhakt:

The words of Meerabai in this poem show the total focus of a Bhakt:

एक निरखत एक परखत है एक करत मोरी हांसी
Ek Nirkhat Ek Parkhat Hai Ek Karat Mori Hansi
One Stares (at me), One Judges (me), One Ridicules (or Laughs at) Me

और लोग म्हारी काई करिसी
Aur Log Mhaari Kai Karisi
What Else Can People Do To Me?

हु तो हरी जी प्रभुजी की दासी
Hu To HariJi PrabhuJi Ki Dasi
Me, I am a servant of Hari, of (My) God

सावरे रंग राची
Saaware Rang Rachi
I am immersed in the Color of the Deep Blue One

This is the true state of a Bhakt. It is also the true state of a Samnyaasi and the true state of a Karma-Yogi. Every great activist has been laughed at and ridiculed. But when engrossed in their work, they do not care about the people who do so.

This is how an Eternal Dharmi operates.

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