Ganesh Utsav 2013

Ganesh Utsav
begins with Ganesh Chaturthi (4th day) and ends on Ganesh Charurdashi
(14th day)
. This year, Ganesh Chaturthi begins tomorrow on September 9. We extend our humble wishes to our Readers for this Dhaarmic and
Joyous Ganesh Utsav.

There is no Roop that is as revered, loved and worshiped as Ganesh. Ganesh is the giver of Buddhi, Dnyaan and the remover of obstacles. The Eternal Dharma texts consider Ganesh as the Atma-Roop and a representation of Shabda-Brahma (शब्द-ब्रह्म) or Om-kaar (ओंकार). We discussed that in our previous article Om-kaar, Brahman and Ganesh. In 2011, we discussed why the Santi-Mantra of the Isa-UpaNiSad is recited at every Ganesh Pooja.

Today, we include a basic and partial translation of  श्री गणेश अथर्वशीर्षम or Ganesh Atharva-Sheersham along with the superb recital by by Shree M.N. Venkat Shastry. The recital begins with the famous Santi-Mantra from Prasna-UpaNiSad that begins with “May we hear what is Auspicious with our ears, May we see what is Auspicious with our eyes…”

Then begins the Ganapati-Atharva-Sheersham:

Om! Namaskaar to Ganapati.

  • 1. – You alone are Tatva or the Original/Prime Principle; You alone are the Creator; You alone the Preserver/Upholder; You alone are the Destroyer; You verily are the entire Brahman; You are the manifest Unchangeable Atman;
  • 2. – I speak the Rta or the Eternal Cosmic Truth;  I speak Satya, the Earthly Truth;
  • 4. – Speech is resident in You; Understanding is resident in You; Bliss is resident in You; Brahman is resident in You; You are the incomparable integration of Truth-Understanding-Bliss; You are verily Brahman; Dnyaan and Vi-Dnyaan or Knowledge & Greater Knowledge is resident in You;
  • 5.a – Entire Universe is created from You; Entire Universe subsists due to You; Entire Universe fades into You; Entire Universe reverts back to You.
  • 5.b – You are the earth, water, wind, fire and sky; You are the 4 stages of Speech;
  • 6.a – You transcend the 3 Gun or properties (Satva, Rajas, Tamas); You transcend the 3 states of existence or physical life (waking state, dream state & the Su-Shupta or ultimate deep sleep state); You transcend the 3 stages of Time (past, present, future); You are the Eternal foundation; You transcend the 3 levels of energy; The Yogi worship You/meditate upon You;
  • 6.b – You are Brahmaa, You are Vishnu, You are Rudra, You are Indra, You are Fire, You are Wind, You are Sun, You are Moon, You are manifestation of Brahman on earth, atmosphere & the above beyond. 

Sanskrut is a rigorous language and each noun, each adjective in Sanskrut has a specific meaning. The English language proves insufficient to discuss the true meaning or the variances between different interpretations. That is why, wherever possible & convenient, we include the Sanskrut words.

The above clearly demonstrates that Ganapati is not just worshiped as a specific Roop but as a Manifestation of Brahman Itself.

Hopefully, the above might make it easier to follow the superb recital below:


स्वस्ति अस्तु भवतु

Let Svasti be With You

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